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About Xxalyamberalyxx12: JAN. 30TH IZ MI BDAY!...TODAY IZ MI BDAY i love my friends and will do my best to protect my family. im a dreamer and i believe u kan do ne thing u set ur mind 2. i LOVE twilight! ive resad each book at least 5times. im into vampires i love to hunt im sick of stupid gurls and dudes that call me and my friends gothic emo losers so for all of you that have a problem with mi or my friends u answere to mi ,i hate it when so stupid pozer says that she/he r emo and stop sayin u have a horridable life U have it better than most teenagers and alot of ppl care for pozers cuz they feel srry for them! even if you hang with ppl that look emo/goth u r not one of them! u r just a tagalong tat seems to fallow them around so stop lieing pozers! I HATE POSERZ! cats r awsum ๑۩۞۩๑ 。◕‿◕。 ╔══╗ ║██║ ║(o) ║ ╚══╝ and so the loin fell in love with the lamb wat a stupid lamb,wat a sick lion It takes three seconds to say "I love you"It takes three hours to explain it, and it takes a lifetime to prove it. .when a boy calls u cute he iz lookin at ur face  when a boy calls u sexi he iz lookin at ur body  when a boy calls u beutiful he iz looking at ur heart DESTINYIMAVAMPIRE OWNZ Destinyimavampire: LEAVE HER ALONE BITCHES!!!! SHE WONT CYBER AND SHEZ SWEET SO BACK OFF but if u JUST wanna talk then feel free to but if u hurt her in neway be ready for a cyber beating!!!! i no things so feel free to block me ...but ima hacker so dont b surprized if u get sum messagez >:) *tilts head bak* MWWWAAHAHAHAHAH XD ROTFLOLSHIADOAL